This $99 device turns your phone into a 3D printer

3D printers can be pretty expensive, but a company called OLO has created a new device that makes it a bit more affordable. This tiny, lightweight box uses a special resin and the light from your phone to create any 3D object you can imagine. It debuted at the World Maker Faire in October 2015, but just launched a Kickstarter and surpassed the goal in few days.




Apple is rumored to be working on two new ‘ultra-thin’ MacBooks

According to Taipei, Taiwan-based analysts,Apple is working on two new MacBooks that “share a design similar to the existing 12-inch MacBook,” which was introduced early last year. Currently, Apple sells a 13-inch MacBook Air laptop along with 13 and 15-inch MacBook Pro laptops, but its latest skinny design only comes in a 12-inch size.

New MacBook USB C

For consumers, the defining feature of the 12-inch MacBook, aside from its thinness, is that it uses a single standard USB-C port both for charging and attaching peripherals. Apple introduced a new charging cord that has its proprietary Lightning iPhone connector on one side and a USB-C connector on the other yesterday.