9 of London’s best outdoor pools for lounging around this summer

London’s best bodies of water can be found everywhere from Hampstead to Hackney, and include historic lidos surrounded by green parkland and trendy rooftop pools where swimmers can drift alongside city views.

Shoreditch House, Bethnal Green — The rooftop pool at this private members' club lets pool-goers swim and relax beside a stunning view of the London skyline. It's worth sticking around until the sun sets so you can watch London's night lights switch on.Shoreditch House, Bethnal Green — The rooftop pool at this private members’ club lets pool-goers swim and relax beside a stunning view of the London skyline. It’s worth sticking around until the sun sets so you can watch London’s night lights switch on.




This is the solution to air conditioners we’ve all been waiting for

Window air conditioners haven’t received much attention during the “smart” revolution, where everything from coffee makers and refrigerators are controlled with apps over the internet.

There was the Quirky Aros smart air conditioner made in collaboration with General Electric, but it received mixed reviews.

But one startup seems to have come up with an overhaul that’s way overdue for window air conditioners.

Check out the Noria:

noria air conditioner kickstarter



See inside Dubai’s ultra-luxurious floating homes that are on sale for $12 million

In the clear-blue waters off the coast of Dubai lies a chain of islands known as The Heart of Europe. They’re manmade reconstructions of actual European nations, just on a smaller scale — part of an even larger chain of islands known as “The World.”

Richard Branson, fittingly, owns the island representing Great Britain.

The Heart of Europe saw its very first $2.8 million floating home, the aptly named “Floating Seahorse,” touch down earlier this year. Now they intend to build even larger homes that will cost a whopping $12 million.

The giant fleet of Floating Seahorses are slated for completion later this fall. Keep scrolling to see the gorgeous renderings.


signature seahorse Master Underwater bedroom (Middle eastern)


The $2.8 million Floating Seahorse is the product of more than 5,000 hours of research and 13,000 hours of design and engineering, according to design firm Kleindienst Group.




Sony just patented contact lenses that can secretly record what you see

A glimpse of the future

Our memories are fallible things. We remember something one way; but the reality can be quite different.

But imagine contact lenses that are also tiny cameras, recording and storing whatever you see, and even playing it back before your very eyes. What was really said at last week’s meeting? Play it back and see. Want to cherish forever some treasured moment—when you first saw your future spouse, or the birth of a child, or some other formative event? You may be able to soon.