See inside Dubai’s ultra-luxurious floating homes that are on sale for $12 million

In the clear-blue waters off the coast of Dubai lies a chain of islands known as The Heart of Europe. They’re manmade reconstructions of actual European nations, just on a smaller scale — part of an even larger chain of islands known as “The World.”

Richard Branson, fittingly, owns the island representing Great Britain.

The Heart of Europe saw its very first $2.8 million floating home, the aptly named “Floating Seahorse,” touch down earlier this year. Now they intend to build even larger homes that will cost a whopping $12 million.

The giant fleet of Floating Seahorses are slated for completion later this fall. Keep scrolling to see the gorgeous renderings.


signature seahorse Master Underwater bedroom (Middle eastern)


The $2.8 million Floating Seahorse is the product of more than 5,000 hours of research and 13,000 hours of design and engineering, according to design firm Kleindienst Group.



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