Case Study

Case Study : Working with Photoshop to create Hyper-realism, Cubism and Collage.

Case Study by Jorge Martinez                                               May 7,2016




ClIENT                         Digital  Imaging RT 125/Professor Deborah Krikun

PROJECT TITLE          Working with Photoshop to Make a Hyper realism, Cubism and Collage

DURATION                     Spring 2016

TEAM                                  Jorge Martinez


DESCRIPTION                The requirements for the projects was to use photoshop to manipulate the images, retouching and tweaking. For all three project we came up with three to five concepts and choose our favorite theme to work on.  We then began sketching so we would have our thought clear and know exactly what we are aiming for. Next We would  look for images on the internet or even use our own drawing to manipulate to our project.

RESEARCH                       The research for the project were different. The hyper realism project was unique because finding photo were tougher out of the three. The reason is because we had to find photos with a large size because a small photo we can never enlarge due to it losing resolution but a large sized photo we can make it smaller without it losing resolution. For cubism it was much easier because i looked for a portrait of a person and did it similar to it. However for the collage i had went more into detail such as finding the photos and finding the location of where the architect photos are located around the world.    

STRATEGY                         The way i approached each project was different from one another. For they hyper realism it was more about detail. We wanted to make it look realistic which meant that everything thing we manipulated did matter. Therefore I had to look at the detail more in depth and make it seem believable. For the collage project it was much easier because i did a portrait using the polygonal tool i found a cubist photo that i wanted to make similar to mine and the step were more about creativity because i could make triangles or square where ever in the face. For the collage it was simpler because  the architect had so many amazing building that i choose my favorite to present her art work and although she passed away people are going to remember as one of the best architects around the world And that is what i wanted to show. For the hyper realism and cubism i had taken more time to do while looking at tutorials online  to help me. However the collage i had was well taught by my professor Krikun that i didn’t watch no tutorial video and had asked her question such as how to add music to the video.

Challenges                               There were some major challenges and minor challenges for the three projects. The project with the main challenge was the hyper realism. The hyper realism was the most challenging because we had to find photo on max resolution which took time because google would only have a few. Since we had limited photos we had to do a lot of tweaking such as rotating, cutting out , refining the photos. Also we had to look at certain details such that i had to use channels to only getting a small details like the flame.  I would also play a lot with the opacity and the modes to make the images seem they are blending. The cubist project was a minor challenge but it was still challenging because i had to make sure the whole face was bur using the polygonal tool and had missed a couple so i had to go and recheck the all part of the face were covered. The Collage was a bit challenging since i had to find the location of her architect and learning how to place the timing right. However, My professor helped and guided me to understand it, which i did.