1.My first theme for cubism is the melting pot. There are people everywhere from all over the word. Therefore this theme shows how people have made the world more diverse.


imgres.jpgimages (11).jpgdownload.jpgimages.jpgimages (5).jpgstock-photo-the-china-and-usa-flags-world-each-nation-national-flags-96548530.jpg















2. My second concept is a landscape of ice. In this theme i will be showing different types of angles and directions of the ice.


images (10).jpg 200249843-001.jpg


















3. My theme would be Thomas Edison. Edison invitation included the light bulb and the movie camera.Which will be added along side his portrait.


download (3).jpg                                                                  images (7).jpg







images (9).jpg

download (4).jpg







4. My fourth concept is a portrait with fruits.

images (13).jpgdownload (5).jpgimages (14).jpgWKR-LOGBASKET-L_1.jpgLionheart-Dining-Table-Side.jpg






5. My last Concept would be birds flying in the open sky. There are many types of different types of birds that i would like to make a cubism of them flying.

images (15).jpg      images.pngycoez9xdi.pngimages (16).jpg
scrappy look in flight.JPG