Cubism Progress

This will be the portrait of Thomas Edison that I will be working on for the cubism project

Ed- Copy.jpg

This is what I will be aiming for


The colors that I will be using are  the shade of skin tones


Before I started working on the portrait I cropped the image. Then I started using the polygonal lasso tool to make triangles along with adding the grid and making it snap to the corners .




For this working progressing i started using the polygon tool, made triangle .Then going to filter ->blur-> average I started filling in the triangles.For this part of the photo i had began doing the right side of the face.


For the second part still using the polygonal tool and  filter ->blur-> average i manage to do the left side of the face



Same Steps i have managed to cover the whole face of Edison. However there are still some hairs that stick out.


For this part of the drawing i had changed the background. By doing this i went to new layer and filled to white. I then used quick selection to get Edison’s portrait and used cut.