This is the way that i will be starting the collage. I will first mention the main topic which is Zaha hadid and her architect designs along with a photo of herself. I will then start with showing all her amazing designs.


This progress i’m still having showing more of Zaha Hadid Architect designs ,along with adding transition effects.



In this progress i had found where her Architect design are located. Therefore i have minimized the photos and put them in the location in the world map. Which would show the expanding of her art work and where it can be found.



In this progress i had used text to mention where in the world her Architect designs are located. I have used outer glow to change the outer text color, i did it to all the text with white being the main text.


In this progress, unfortunately Zaha Hadid passed away. Therefore, i bring back the first sequence of the start of the collage to remind people who she was and i end it with her birth year to the year she passed away.