Work progress


1.In this picture i have  found most of the images that i will be using for my hyper-realism.My concept will be the phone sucking in the man.So in this picture I  began cutting images which are the man, table and phone using the quick selection tool and refine edge.


2. In this picture i began merging the man with the beam of light(Shift+ctrl+Alt+e) while also making layers with the lasso and polygon tools in which parts to blur  with the beam of light. In this picture i had used the soft eraser to erase some of the beam of lights background.I also played with the modes so the men can blend with the background.


3.I have finished erasing the beam of light’s back round which i have replaced with a simple black background. I have also gotten rid of some picture and added a smoke image which i cut out and put it behind the man to add in more of a realistic effect i used the mode :soft light.I have included the phone with the hand picture that i have cut out and  transform for a better angle . In the picture i used the gradient tool which is where the the phone starts its darker as it fade it becomes less blue i used the mode:dissolve for the effect and lowered the opacity.


4. In this picture i have used the pen tool to create the spiral effect. I had use the the brush for the size and then went back to the pen tool to stroke the lines and played with the mode and subtract made it blend.I have also copy the the layer of the phone image went to filter->Distort->twirl for the screen effect.